“….feet in the dirt!” – For love of the small family farm, an American tradition. A documentary.

28 Jun

“…feet in the dirt!”.  A story about the little known but interesting world of farm toy collectors and restorers.  Farm toy collecting and restoring is a world wide hobby but seems to be mostly known about in the mid-west where there are numerous farm toy shows and events.  A lot of the collectors, are or were real farmers, or were connected in some way to farming.  Most of them collect and restore the farm toys because of a nostalgic attachment they developed while growing up and working on their family farms.  It is not limited to toys what we consider toys only.  There are those who collect and restore the old full size tractors that they got to drive, or their dad or grandpap used, and fell in love with as kids while growing up on the farm.  This documentary will delve into the collectors background and history.  It is a story that is rich with friendly and open people and their love for the farming life.  As one farmer said “as a kid, farming wasn’t work, it was fun.”  And of course, we will show the amazing and wonderful farm toys and restored tractors that chronicle the history of farming.

We are currently looking for individuals or companies who would be interested in helping finance the project.  It is a project that will make a wonderful PBS piece.  The characters are colorful and likeable and their stories are just as colorful and interesting.  This is a project that any individual or company can and will be proud to have been involved with.

For more information, you can contact Virgil L. Harper, who is the driving force behind trying to get this project done.

The key people involved are SS Wilson, writer director in the film industry.
Virgil L. Harper, a cinematographer who has 35 years experience with the film industry.  An accomplished photographer  as well with a great eye for storytelling with his visuals.
Jim Carey, a producer and excellent editor.

If you or someone you know is interested in putting healthy and quality programing on the air, versus-es another lame reality show, then
contact Virgil L. Harper, who is producing the project, at 541-548-1126  or via email harpervl1@msn.com

You can view a presentation piece of the project by clicking on the link
…feet in the dirt! Presentation piece video on the side bar of this blog.